The two different facades are resolved according to their urban condition and orientation. The south-facing facade is composed by a rhythm of voids made by the balconies, which hollow the volume, protecting the interior from direct sunlight during the summer.  On the last floor and on the west side of the building, the balconies cantilever to better harmonize with the neighboring building and finish off the façade’s composition. The interior facade, which is oriented towards the north and is therefor not as luminous, is made up by exterior runways that allow access to the apartments.  A stainless-steel mesh, almost invisible to the eye, is used for the railings to maximize natural illumination and ventilation.

The runways, a key element within the project, presented a double challenge: the need for privacy on the secondary bedrooms, and   access from the exterior to the apartment.  This was resolved by establishing two levels of privacy:  the runway does not lead directly to the apartments, but instead connects the elevators and the stairs to a private terrace that serves as a prelude, a buffer between the runway and the actual entrance while providing space for extra storage and laundry.

Privacy is further accomplished by separating the runway from the actual building, leaving a skylight between the two, which also helps to improve the natural lighting of both the terraces and the interior of the apartment. A hybrid and exterior space is therefore generated, a threshold between the common areas of the building and the interior of the apartments, that the owner will be able to colonize and adapt to his or her needs.  Washing and drying of clothes can be done here, preventing the need of exposing the laundry on the street, as it occurs in most of the neighborhood due to the lack of space destined for such domestic functions.

The building has a total of 30 apartments, 25 of which have two bedrooms while the other 5 only have one.  They all have two facades on opposite sides of the building, allowing for cross ventilation. The typical apartment, with two bedrooms, is completely articulated by a central core that contains the bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a series of closets that face each of the resulting spaces.  This core divides the living quarters in three different zones, which can be completely adapted according to the owner’s needs, thanks to the fact that the bathroom can be accessed from all three, and that the connections to the living room through wide sliding doors are both symmetrical and equivalent.


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